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We are the first garage in the area to invest in Loktrace, a new highly accurate way of finding leaks in Air Conditioning systems

Loktrace leak detection is a revolutionary system that uses a unique gas mix and special detector to quickly and safely find leaks in automotive systems

    • Traditional method of system leak detection used refrigerant and refrigerant detector. F-Gas regulations state that this now is now an illegal practice.
    • Other methods such as Nitrogen testing just give audible warnings only. Nitrogen cannot be detected using a leak detector as the atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen. Nitrogen testing relies on the engineer testing, to listen for the escaping gas, this makes small leaks very hard to pinpoint.
    • Adding ultraviolet dyes to a new charge is not always a cost effective solution.  Waiting for a leak to emerge and dye to be detected may take a few days or even weeks.  
    • Smoke testing systems simply cannot be relied upon to find very small leaks effectively. Loktrace however, can be detected through a hole just a couple of microns wide.
    • Loktrace’s unique system is environmentally friendly and can be safely released into the atmosphere.

Locktrace combines the established Nitrogen pressure test with the accurate Loktrace gas system to enable us to not only establish that a vehicle is leak tight but also pin point the smallest leak quickly and efficiently

A Loktrace test costs from just £35.00 +VAT

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